The book takes plac in a small town called Tortilla Flat located in Monterey, California.  Four friends, Danny, Pilon, Pablo and Big Joe are signing up to fight in World War II.  All of them wanted to stick together but some of them get separated.  Big Joe and Pilon are put into the infrantry while Danny became a mechanic.  Unfortunately, Pablo was denied because he had flat feet.  No one knew you could not join if you had flat fleet!
    After a year, Danny comes home to find out his grandpa had died and left his two houses to him.  Both houses are in Tortilla Flat.  Before Danny ahd these homes, he would bounce from house to house begging for just the floor to sleep on.  Now he felt like a big shot.
    A few months later, Pablo arrives and looks for Danny on the streets.  After being told he has two houses, Pablo creates a plan to get the other house and tells Danny he will pay him five dollars a month (Five dollars a month??).  Danny agrees.  Pilon soon follows and says that he will split the five dollars with Pablo to live there.  
    After a drunken night of partying, diaster happens.  Pablo manages to burn down the house and has to get on hands and knees to beg Danny to forgive him and let him stay with him.  He agrees only if they make sure he provides all the food to eat in the house.
     While everyone has settled in, they now focus their attention on this pirate they see walking around town every day.  They see him selling wood everyday and are curious as to what he does with his money.  They figure they will get to know him and maybe they will either find treasure or something else.
    So there is the first course of this great book.  If you want the main entree and dessert go get the book and read it. Trust me it is amazing.  It talks to you and does not care if you have flat feet.